Cebu City

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General information about Cebu City

Cebu City has the nation’s busiest port and its second busiest airport and it is the gateway to the Visayas. It is also a magnet for migrants from all over the region. Cebu City also is one of the few emerging cities in the Philippines. This place has a long story of changing of its street names. Cebu also is the transport hub in the Visayas. It is also the most densely populated island in the Philippines and is the second strategic and economic importance to the country. The Cebu City or known as in Cebuano Dakbayan Sa Sugbo is the capital city if Cebu and is the second city in the Philippines and it is the second most significant metropolitan center in the Philippines and also known as the oldest city that established by the Spaniards.

As time and day goes by there more establishments that build in the city, especially call center that can employed more than thousands of people in the city and day by day there are more building or companies rising up and newly rise.