Cebu City

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Good Restaurants in Cebu City

Black Angus a steak house on the very small Mango Avenue where on only has to be specialized in steaks.

Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful and most pleasant restaurants in Cebu City. It is served good Filipino Food in a pleasant atmosphere. It has a live band consisting of three blind. It is lined in the Mango.

Banana Leaf is one of our favorite it is as far as Asian cuisine. This restaurant gets the award to be one of the restaurants in the Philippines Top 100. It is served here Indonesian, Thai and Filipino cuisine with a unique mix flavor. It is located in the terraces of Ayala.

Old Spaghetti House is all for pasta lovers, it is a small Italian Restaurant in SM. The noodles taste like Italians and the sauce sweetened not like in common place.

Maya is located in the Crossroad; it is a purely Mexican style restaurant. However this restaurant is slightly expensive but very satisfying choices of food.