Cebu City

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Museums in Cebu City

Sugbo Museum: this is the most important museum in the Visayas because of its cultural and historical pieces of the Philippine history. Sugbo is the ancient name of the Ferdinand Magellan was once the island of Cebu. This museum displays various artifacts from all the periods. It is displays also antiques jars, Chinese porcelain, and earthenware and even crafted wood and even due old postcards from the area of Cebu. This museum is open and offering their displays in different eras of the Philippine history and it has an entrance fee for both tourist and locals. If there is possibility you can get a discount.

Sugbo MuseumSugbo MuseumSugbo MuseumSugbo MuseumSugbo MuseumSugbo Museum

Cebu City has many attractions spots that can offer into either locals or tourist. It has also many places which is historic and most interesting.

Casa Gorordo Museum: is one of the hidden gems of Cebu City, it was built in the 1850’s and originally a private home. Gorordo is one of Cebu’s leading families. In the lower part of the house have walls of Mactan coral stone. It also displays items including the kitchen implements, antique photos and wooden furniture.

Taoist Temple: is a symbol of the city’s large and prosperous ethnic Chinese population. It is in the over looking northern hills in the city. The architecture of this temple is functional and austere by Chinese standards.