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The old Magellan Cross in Cebu

Magellan Cross ChapelMagellan Cross plaqueDancing old women at Magellan CrossMagellan Cross muralsMagellan Cross muralsMagellan Cross murals

Magellan Cross: the Magellan Cross was built in 1841 across from Cebu City Hall. It is the Ferdinand’s Catholic legacy, which made up of a large wooden cross and is housed in a stone rotunda. The small cross of Ferdinand Magellan was now encased in a small chapel to the public. It is show or represents that Magellan planted the cross on the shores of Cebu in 1521 of April. There also painting in top of the roof which Magellan stands beside his local mates. In outside the Magellan Cross there are vendors ladies that selling candles and doing a ritual dance as a symbolic dance in the gratitude on the Magellan Cross. Magellan Cross is one of the tourist destination and tourist attractions even if locals.